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The following resources are at your disposal.

Articles, Documents and Forms - Important legal documents in text and pdf format.

Links - Links to relevant businesses and resources here in Panama

News - Legal news from the Isthmus


The following is a list of documents

Administrative Law:      


Law 8 of 1994 - which regulates tourism incentives for development      


Law 35 of 1963 - which regulates the granting of concessions over government land       


Law 63 of 1973 - which establishes the General Department of Land Registry      


Law 41 of 1998 - which regulates Environmental law and the National Environmental Authority (ANAM)


Civil Law:            


Last Wills and Testaments           


Formalities of preparing a will in Panama              


Conflict of Laws in Estate Planning           


Intestate Probate - what to expect in Panama when there is no last will and testament 


Probate Process              


Estate Taxes in Panama


Types of wills which Panama recognises               


Disinheritance of heirs


Commercial Law:            


Banking Law      


The Banking Act (1998) - in PDF Format 


A Summary of the Banking Act (1998)    


Maritime Law   


Law 8 of 1925 - which regulates certain aspects of ship registration.


Provisional Ship Registration


Securities Law


Panamanian Securities Legislation:  the Road to Transparency and Accountability


Trademark Registration


Guidelines for Trademark Registration


International Trademark Classes for Goods & Services applicable to Panama (Nice 8)






Opening Corporate Bank Accounts in Panama


Choosing a Company name in Panama


Other Topics:


Letters of Engagement - who does the law represent, what will they do, what legal services and documents can you expect to receive, and when does the lawyer expect you to pay.


Questions for your lawyer - what to ask before you retain a lawyer


Translation of Law 9 (1984) which regulates the practice of law


Guidelines for Services - what to expect and plan for


Apostille - what it is and where to get documents authenticated via Apostille


Barristers & Solicitors - definitions and explanations


Panamanian Consulates


Panamanian Embassies


Real Estate Transactions:




Concession & Purchase Applications


Real Estate Checklist


Tax Exemptions for Real Estate & Construction 



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