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Our wealth protection and estate planning deserve careful attention and skilled advice. In a busy world, however, it is sometimes dificult to concentrate on the arrangement of our personal affairs. At Panama Legal Bureau our aim is to help our clients make the most of their assets. Panama legal Bureau has experience in drafting and interpreting different kind of contracts and doing all kind of real estate transactions.

Panama is a priviledged country. It is a preferred location for a second retirement home for North Americans. For its citizens, Panama is one of the top three of Latin American countries for quality of life: health, education and economic well-being.

Panama is safety and very secure. In Panama, there is no need to be constantly on guard against being robbed or assaulted, as is the case in so many Latin American countries. The crime rate is very low and you can visit nearly all the places you want to, even at night, without fear.

Panama City is called a "second Miami " because of its sophisticated business district, high speed internet connections, the American-style infrastructure and the elegance of many of its neighborhoods. There are endless gorgeous sea-view apartments and numerous suburban subdivisions with lovely Miami-style homes. Few other Latin American cities can boast buildings of such quality construction and so many attractive neighborhoods. These same Panama City buildings were mostly built by the architect George Moreno, who is the architect for Big Creek Village!

Unlike other Latin Americans, Panamanians don't need to go shopping in Miami . Due to the lowest tariffs in the Americas , Panama is a shoppers paradise whether it be clothes, computers, electronics, or automobiles! Panamanian supermarkets can easily be mistaken for American supermarkets with their large selection of American products. Electronics stores compete in both price and selection with American stores. There are even three Price-Costco's in Panama City and one in the city of David , which is only a 2 hour drive from Bocas del Toro.

Private education in Panama is excellent; there are three accredited international schools and dozens of fine bilingual schools. At the university level, there a dozen universities, including three United States universities with branches in Panama City.

Medical care and hospital facilities are almost on a par with the USA.


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