Relocating to Panama

Panama is one of the world's premier retirement destinations. Find information on moving to Panama.

Panama Immigration

Thinking of moving? We can make the process a pain-free experience.

Estate Planning

Find information on managing your life in Panama - from buying a car to setting up bank accounts.

Real Estate

From initial due diligence to closing - we've got you covered.
Legal Services

Below you will find links to information about the various legal services we offer. Most of the legal work we undertake is for those interested in relocating to Panama or investing in Panama. For any services that you may be interested in that are not here, please feel free to contact us at EMAIL

Panama Administrative Law

·         PanamaLegalPros offers many administrative law services. These consist mainly of preparing and presenting documents to the various government bodies in Panama. Most real estate and business transactions in Panama require some aspect of administrative law.

Panama Commercial Law

·         Commercial law in Panama encompasses contracts, licenses, international trade, banking and taxes. We have lawyers who specialize in commercial law and are available to give you up to the minute legal advice.

Panama Corporate Law

·         Corporate law services offered by PanamaLegalPros include the formation of Panamanian Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. The number of these corporations has skyrocketed in the past five years, and Panamanian laws have made the creation and maitanence of these a fairly easy and straightforward process.

Panama Immigration and Visas

·         PanamaLegalPros offers full services for all your immigration needs. Whether you are interested in visiting Panama or plan to spend the rest of your life living here, we can help you get the appropriate visa or passport.



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