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Panama Temporary Visitor Visa – Foreign Executives

Panamanian law allows executives of foreign companies to apply for and receive visas allowing them to stay in Panama for a limited time. The usual time frame for foreign executive visas is one year.

To qualify as a foreign executive you must hold a management position with a foreign corporation and satisfy at least one of the following two requirements. The company you work for must be registered in Panama with both the Ministry of Commerce and the Public Registry. Alternatively, you must provide proof of the existence of the foreign company to the Immigration Department. If you satisfy these two requirements and you earn a yearly salary greater than $1000 U.S.,  are eligible for the Foreign Executive Visa. If you are granted this visa, you must work for the international corporation that you applied under, and not for any other company in Panama. Validation of this is carried out by the Immigration Department.

Application Process

If you are interested in obtaining a Foreign Executive Visa, you will need to follow many of the avenues taken for other Panamanian visas. You will need to register at the Immigration Department here in Panama. This means that you will need to make a trip to Panama, or be in Panama already to begin the application process. Once you have submitted the required documentation to us, it will need to be translated into Spanish and the application packet will be submitted to Immigration. You will then be issued the standard three month processing card allowing you to remain in Panama while the Immigration Department reviews your application. This card contains your picture and requires that you return to Immigration to have it created. Once the Immigration Department approves your visa, you will be granted a one-year visa allowing you to live and work in Panama.


The Foreign Executive Temporary Visitor Visa application packet needs to contain the following documents:

·         Police Record – A recent, authenticated letter from your local police or state police issued under your name.

·         Valid Passport – When applying for the visa, you must present your original visa to the Immigration Department.

·         Passport Photos – 4 passport sized photos, two for the application ad two for registration

·         Employment Letter – A letter declaring the existence of the company and it’s status of good standing, confirmation that you work for the company in question, confirmation of your salary, the company’s responsibility for you while you are in panama and how long you will be working in Panama.

·         Certificate of Good Standing – Authenticated certificate from the foreign company’s home country.

·         Banking Reference Letter


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