Relocating to Panama

Panama is one of the world's premier retirement destinations. Find information on moving to Panama.

Panama Immigration

Thinking of moving? We can make the process a pain-free experience.

Estate Planning

Find information on managing your life in Panama - from buying a car to setting up bank accounts.

Real Estate

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Due Diligence

Due diligence and information services

If you intend to invest in a business or project here in Panama, which is already underway, and needs help to decide whether it is a good investment or not, we may be able to help. Our law firm of services commonly include:

Legal: Local and international legal consultation services for individuals and businesses.

Commercial Credit and Status of Investigations include the registration of companies, analysis of the history business, corporate structure, company background, key person information, information on executive financial profiles; banking relationships; state of operation; staff size; range of products, facilities, profiles of subsidiaries and affiliates; current challenges, the ability to market and much more.

Business Information collection: Information on companies throughout Panama; gathering information on government and municipal policies, laws, current and historical trends in business, and open up the profiles of several companies and key decision makers that can have an influence on the proposed project.

Debt of Research and Negotiation: Status of corporate debtors and initial negotiations on repayment of corporate debts.

Information and Asset Protection: Questions concerning trademarks and patent registration, protection of intellectual property, trademark and copyright investigation in cases of infringement of trademark or imitation, and more.

Investment Services including feasibility analysis of investment, business partners and credit reports; locate and recommend agent and joint venture partners for foreign companies, banking, accounting and legal services for the selection of research and recommendations, global research services, and more.

These investigations and background checks can be carried out by our lawyers or employees of the law, or they can work together with other professionals to help make an informed decision.


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