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Reforestatation Visas
$ 40,000 Investment - Permanent Residence Panama Passport
Abstract - This is a unique program where one invests $ 40,000 in Panama approved a reforestation program. This allows the investor to obtain a visa for themselves and their spouses and dependent children, without additional investment is needed for dependents. This is the least expensive legitimate residency program that we are aware. Visas are renewable annually and after one or five years become permanent residence visas which allows the investor and their families to reside permanently in Panama and also to work in Panama. After five years can apply for citizenship. This is a very inexpensive way of obtaining a residence in Panama and, finally, citizenship with a passport that Panama is good FRO visa-free travel in most of the western EU and in most of Latin America and America South. The reforestation program is a program written in the law. This is not afford a lawyer some in the dark situation that fly when the government investigates some corrupt official selling citizenships.

Never get involved in any residency / citizenship / passport program that is not written openly on the public to read the laws. Never get involved in any residency / citizenship / passport program where you do not have to go to the official encouragement of immigration in the country for processing and to collect their documents. Never get involved in any situation where you're paying a large attorney fees because they "know" the immigration officials and could this happen to cut red tape for you. People are constantly getting arrested for trying to use passports and identity cards obtained in this way. All our programs are legal and in writing in public laws. If you actually make the investment, whether 40,000 or $ 80,000 U.S. dollars in the reforestation visa program is a program written in legal documented by the law and the books will be honored by the government after the elected officials of Panama etc. What I am saying is that if the investment, you get your permanent residence after five years makes it eligible to apply to become a citizen of Panama with a Panamanian passport.

The Investment - You are investing in forest projects generally dealing with teak wood, but other types of trees are available. Some projects give title to land, usually about 2 hectares. The reforestation project must be one. These projects are expected to generate a fantastic return after 25 years, many times their investment. If you were to liquidate the land say after 10 years of his return generated significant losses. This is because it takes years for trees to grow. If you wait 15 years the loss would be smaller or perhaps you would like to reach break even. However, if the value of land in Panama continues to appreciate as it has been doing recently, this may be false, and the investment is worth it may be more in a few years? I do not think it is a terrific way to obtain residency and eventually citizenship for a small investment. If the investment is held long enough, it is possible to achieve a high return on investment as well. Any gain on this investment is not taxable in Panama. We're not investment advisers and need to assess the investment potential yourself. The land can be held in the name of a corporation.

Residence - There are two levels of investment in reforestation Visa - $ 40,000 and $ 80,000. Both have residency and lead to the possibility of applying for citizenship after five years. The increased investment leads to permanent residency after a year, the lowest investment leads to a permanent residence after five years that requires a visa to be renewed each year until the fifth year.

Required Documents - Passports valid for at least 6 months, the police report liquidation last place of residence, marriage certificate, birth certificate for dependent children, doctors Panama (we can refer), application forms, photographs, evidence Contract investment etc. You have to come to Panama to apply in person, but it is not necessary to live here for this visa.

Period of time - since the time of receipt of all documents and fees 30-45 days as an approximate time frame. Much depends on the work load Immigration Department at the time of application.

Prices - The visa immigration processing legal fees are $ 1250.00 for the first person and $ 250.00 for each depends on the initial application. The fees in subsequent years ($ 40,000 visas) are $ 795.00 for first person and $ 250.00 for each additional person. Our rate of investment review and negotiate his contract with the company for reforestation is $ 300 (optional). Please note our fees are fair and honest just like our programs are offered unlike the lawyers in other countries that are charging up to $ 25,000 and to obtain a visa or citizenship on the basis of "connections of immigration" they have.

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