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Panama Driver's License

Things needed to obtain a Panamanian Driver's Licesnse:

1. Passport
2. ID card valid for immigration
3. Blood type
Note: You can not tell your blood type, but must be written by a laboratory. The test costs between $ 8.00 and $ 15.00. Tell the lab is for a driver's license.
4. Pass a written examination in the driver's manual and traffic laws.
(Note: This only applies if you do not have a current driver's license recognized in another country.)
5. The cost depends on the validity (expiry date) of the (immigration) document. If less than 3 months will be $ 5.50 and $ .25 Paz y Salvo (certificate of tax) and if more than 3 months, the cost will be $ 20.00 and $ 25 Paz y Salvo (certificate of Taxes)
Note: If you have a temporary membership card issued by Immigration for 90 days, will pay 5.75 U.S. dollars and his license is only valid for 90 days. If you have a maturity of unspecified Pensioners Jubildo Carnet, your license costs 20.25 U.S. dollars and will be valid for 4 years. If you only have a tourist visa, you can not get a driver's license Panama.
6. Note: If the person has a license from their country of origin, must be submitted and it will be validated and no written or practical test will be necessary.
Note: This is a bad translation, because the original Spanish is bad. What we are trying to say is, if you have a valid driver's license from their home state or country will not have to take a written or driving test.

To access the driver's license office, take Tumba Muerto to the airport and exit just before the bridge Pedregal at McDonalds. ATTT be in the mall directly in front of the stop light. If you take a taxi tell him you want to go to Traffic in Pedregal. Office hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Notes: Make copies of your passport, forwarding country driver's license and immigration notebook. You can have the blood test done through the streets of the ATTT, but I have done a day earlier, or, if the crowds gathering at the center of the license.

Warning: While we have made every effort to ensure that this information is correct, this is Panama, where everything is possible today and the solid information can be tomorrow's trivia useless.


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