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Trademark Registration
If you intend to register a trademark in Panama, then you will have to provide the following documents and / or information:

     1.  Power (duly authenticated by Apostille or Consulate of Panama) - to request a power model, please send an e-mail
     2.  If the applicant is a legal entity (ie, corporation, association, etc.), then a certificate of good Standing issued by the competent authority, which also must be duly authenticated by Apostille or the Consulate of Panama. If the trademark owner is a corporation of Panama, and then the Certificate of Good Standing should be applied in Panama in the Public Register.
     3. An affidavit by the applicant indicating that the brand is theirs, the length of time for those who have been using the mark, or Apostille duly authenticated by the Consulate of Panama - to ask a sample of Affidavit, please send an e-mail message.
     4. Six (6) tags (samples) - approximate size = 2x3-inch [the brand]
     5. Name and / or design of the brand
     6. Specification of goods or services in which the mark is going to use - just one kind of product or service implementation. [See: Classes of Goods and Services]
     7. In the event that the mark has been registered at the address of the applicant or any other place, and the applicant wishes to claim priority to the exclusive right of use, then you must send us the authenticated (apostille or Consulate of Panama) the documents that can be used as evidence of these rights

The registration process:

Once the paperwork for the trademark application has been received, that will be submitted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI), along with the application form. We ask that at the time of applying to register as a payment which covers all of-pocket expenses. Legal fees will be charged once the brand has been published in the Bulletin.

After the trademark application has been made, the MITI will review the application (please note that at present MICI is about 3 months behind in reviewing applications, so it will take a while before we have been revised and prepared for publication). After the revision has been done, and the application has been found to be in order, the brand will be allocated to a newsletter for publication (usually around 3-4 weeks later). Once released, we will scan to email and a copy of the publication.

After publication, it is necessary to wait 3 months to allow the oppositions to be filed against the request. These competitions are usually submitted by other trademark owners to consider the applicant's product or service mark is too closely associated with their brand in order to cause confusion among them. If there are no objections lodged, then the mark will be registered and MITI will issue a certificate of registration. Please note, however, that issuing such certificates of registration is not instantaneous, and can take up to two months after the deadline for objections have been filed.

In general, you can expect that the registration process will take 6-9 months.

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