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Commercial Law

Commercial Law in Panama is our specialty. It involves the drafting of contracts for businesses, sales, and real estate transactions. The Civil and Commercial codes in Panama govern the formation and execution of contracts. Most contracts that investors will be a part of fall under the Commercial Code.


The real estate market in Panama is booming and a Panamanian lawyer is required for all real property sales. Legal services rendered for a real estate contract include due diligence, title searches and the drafting and signing of the contract. These transactions are recorded in the Public Registry, a service that is included by any lawyer.

All properties should have a title search performed to make sure that there are no issues with the property. Some property in Panama has never been titled and requires added caution. We can help you secure almost any property, and provide you with legal advice on how best to approach a real estate transaction.

The following is a list of Commercial Law services we offer:

·         Contracts

·         Doing Business

·         Business License

·         Insurance Law

·         International Trade

·         Banking Law


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