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Panama Legal Pros, is a law firm composed of a group of professionals in different branches of law, whose main goal is the personalized attention of domestic and foreign clients, taking advantage of legal and financial benefits offered in Panama.
Our law firm has remained at the forefront in time, maintaining an innovative spirit to overcome, accompanied by a high degree of commitment we made with those who represent the key driver of our work, the client, whom we have four basic duties: profession, diligence, loyalty and ethics. Because our country has one of the most recognized banking centers and large Latin American and a favourable tax laws for foreign investors, we have organized an extensive structure of legal and financial models for our customers to enable them to obtain the lowest margin risk, the best economic benefits, with the north strengthening our customers and protecting their interests

We are a licensed Panama law firm that specializes in asset protection, Panama Real Estate and immigration. You have the attorney client privilege in all its dealings with us, including telephone calls, chats and e-mail. We care enough to offer several ways to communicate with us safely. We can represent, uphold and protect their assets along with their right to privacy. We could not reveal anything about you or your business without specific permission. Click on the tab of us from our website to see our right professional licenses. If you see a website that appears to see how a law firm, but does not have the names of lawyers or any license number for the law firm something is not right especially if the company name does not say or Firm Advocate. As a customer of Panama will have legal counsel assigned to you and you can call this lawyer and ask questions at any time. If you ask us by e-mail, phone or Skype you talk to someone and get answers. We answer all emails quickly.

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