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Panama is one of the world's premier retirement destinations. Find information on moving to Panama.

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Thinking of moving? We can make the process a pain-free experience.

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Find information on managing your life in Panama - from buying a car to setting up bank accounts.

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Panama Legal Pros is dedicated to providing the best legal services and advice offered in Panama. We strive to satisfy our clients' needs and break through the notion that the legal profession in Panama is a tedious and oft delayed field.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law in Panama is our specialty. It involves the drafting of contracts for businesses, sales, and real estate transactions. The Civil and Commercial codes in Panama govern the formation and execution of contracts. Most contracts that investors will be a part of fall under the Commercial Code.

Administrative Law in Panama
Administrative Law

Administrative law deals with the government bodies in Panama. These bodies are responsible for creating, maintaining and changing the laws that define every legal aspect of life and business here in Panama. When you are opening a business, buying real estate or beginning any project in Panama, these are the agencies you will need to submit applications to. We can help you with these tasks.

Environmental Law

Panama Temporary Visitor Visa – Foreign Executives

Panamanian law allows executives of foreign companies to apply for and receive visas allowing them to stay in Panama for a limited time. The usual time frame for foreign executive visas is one year.


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